Happy New Year!

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Happy new year!

Well here we are again, it’s a new year and I’m going to attempt a simple project 365. I aim not to show off photography skills or lack of but to document a year in the life of me in a photo diary style.

Today we have all the ingredients for a baked potato soup. I’m not entirely sure why but I do like it when I get the chance to take a before and after photo of cooking. This was a little bit of an experiment as Alex and I had gone shopping at M&S for their party food meal deal to spend a quiet new year at home with a bottle of cava and dinner so for a change we did a few days worth of shopping there too. It was chaotic, manic and the shelves were stripped bare. I don’t expect much more from New Year’s Eve but it was still strange to experience.

I guess that is kind of cheating as I’ve talked about yesterday. Today we drove to Lakesde and it was pleasant enough. We mostly went there just so Alex could get a hit of Taco Bell. Coming back was some kind of hell though. We sat in traffic for a good few hours just to reach the roundabout to get on the main road to come home.

I took a timelapse of the drive but it took so long in traffic that I had to start over when we were at the roundabout to come through London and get home.

Zipcars are great (a car club where you book and pay by the hour) and I’m really quite thankful nobody had it booked that evening so I could extend the booking until we finally made it home and then had to cook the baked potato soup. It was fantastic though!

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